Film Väst is one of Europe’s most successful co-producers and Scandinavia’s preeminent regional film fund. In 2014 alone, more than 12 million cinema goers globally saw a film co-produced by Film Väst. Over the years Film Väst co-productions have also been richly re­warded with nominations and awards at the world’s most prestigous events including fes­tivals such as Cannes and Berlin and galas such as the Golden Globes, the European Film Awards and the Oscars.

FILM VÄST – a part of Region Västra Götaland.

Västra Götaland is Sweden’s foremost region for culture. Through dedicated effort and the country’s largest cultural budget, both in absolute terms and per capita, culture has a self-evident role in social life. Culture is a basic precondition for active, committed citizens – involvement contributes to democratic development. Culture can make people grow and is very important for employment, regional development and growth in Västra Götaland.

Film i Västs medarbetare

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Mikael Fellenius
Mikael FelleniusVD / CEO
M +46(0)702 93 88 00
Katarina Krave
Katarina KraveCFO
M +46(0)708 71 17 91
Nina Sekund
Nina SekundAdministrative Manager
M +46(0)727 49 15 00


Tomas Eskilsson
Tomas EskilssonTf Produktionschef
M +46(0)708 89 09 11
VakantProduktionschef/Konstnärlig ledare
Anthony Muir
Anthony MuirSenior Executive Co-Productions
M +46(0)722 34 34 56
Ami Ekström
Ami EkströmSenior Executive Co-Productions
M +46(0)735 07 93 96
VakantSenior Executive Co-Productions
Susanne Lundberg
Susanne LundbergProduktionskoordinator/-rådgivare
M +46 (0)707 73 16 99


Nina Sekund
Nina SekundAdministrative Manager
M +46(0)727 49 15 00
Ulrika Breedh
Ulrika BreedhEkonom
M +46(0)767 80 42 65
Cattrine Fransson
Cattrine FranssonAdministrativ koordinator
M +46(0)705 56 52 04

Finans & Ekonomi

Katarina Krave
Katarina KraveCFO
M +46(0)708 71 17 91
Rebecka Beckman
Rebecka BeckmanFirst Assistant Co-Productions Agreements
M +46(0)704 92 55 29

PR & Kommunikation

Ulrika Grönérus
Ulrika GrönérusCommunications Manager
M +46(0)708-64 37 36
Gus Kaage
Gus KaageCommunications Officer
M +46(0)707 58 16 33